How to manage Money Problem (Guide For All)

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How to manage Money Problem (Guide For All):- Friends, the money we earn from all the jobs or business is the main motive for earning that money so that we can live a better life than the use of that money, we have no problem with the money,

But does that happen? Do we earn a better life in whatever we earn? Do not we have any problems with money?

So the answer is - we all fall short of spending our earned money, and 99.9% of us keep the problem of money, the money comes and goes, the money is with us Do not stop,

And among all this we feel that maybe our income is low, hence money is being solved,

While this is also not true.

The truth is that whatever our income may be - if we do not have to manage the money, then we will always have a problem with money, as many times our income is FIXED, and we earn our own income Do not grow,

But spending money and managing money is in our hands, so by learning to manage money and implementing it, we can solve a lot of small business related to money in our life,

If you think that by learning to really manage money, we can improve our life, then keep reading this article completely -

Because in today's topic, we are going to talk about how to manage or manage money, to improve our economic situation,

How to manage Money Problem (Guide For All)

We all have different economic circumstances, so there is no way to manage money, perhaps there may be many different ways of managing money,

Like - 1) Spending expenses 2) Creating budget of income and expenditure, 3) Spending as per budget 4) Pay more attention to the savings of money. 6) To get rid of debt. 5) Savings and investments for future expanses do

The way we are going to talk about today, it is associated with making the "basic budget" of managing money, and this method has been given the name - 50/30/20 Rule


About 50-30-20 RULE OF THUMB Harvard University's bankruptcy expert Elizabeth Warren, and his daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi, have stated in their book "ALL YOUR WORTH: The ultimate lifetime money plan" -

In this Rule, the ratio of 50, 30 and 20 represents, which should be in our income and expenditure

50% of which is above 50% BASIC NEED

30 means that 30% of income is above WANTS and WISHES

20 means that 20% of savings and investment

This easy-to-understand rule can be very useful in making budgets for managing passoses,

Let's talk about it in a bit more detail.

MANAGE MONEY 50-30-20 THUMB RULE How it works,
According to this rule, to manage your money, we have to plan the expenses and savings from our income in the form of the picture given above -

50% of the total income should be spent for our basic needs (BASIC NEEDS)

The other 30% should be spent on other WISHES (Icchas) or WANTS (wishing)

And 20% should keep us separate for savings and investment,

Here, if talked about BASIC NEEDS, such expenses which are mandatory for us to live a normal life, such as house ration, house rent or EMI, light bill, water bill, phone bill, medical medicines and others,

And if talk of WANT or WISHES, then newspaper bill, TV will, new home accessories, new TVs, furniture, new mobile, new clothes, and hotel food or moving and parties and other things


As I said earlier - the financial condition of all of us is different, and in such a situation, no one rule applies to all of us,

In this case, 50-30-20 THUMB RULE can be used as an option of managing money, and you can also make this 50-30-20 ratio according to your financial status,

Eg - 60-20-20 or 70-10-20, or 80-0-20, or 80-10-10,

We need to understand the MESSEGE behind this RULE which is that

We have to first pay attention to our BASIC NEED, and spend around 50%,
After this we have to save around 20%
And the remaining money is to use us for your WANTS or WISHES


Apart from this, if you talk about some other tips to manage the money-

First of all, you must have your income doubled to your basic needs,
Separate the savings of 20% SAVING in the RULE above the first of its income, and keep the remaining 80% for all other expenses in his own hands,
You should be kicked that if you have any kind of debt, first plan to repay your debt, and it is better if you spend less on your wish or WANT,
If you take a loan, such as a home loan, or a personal loan, you think of this, how the EMI of new loans can affect your budget - home loan, personal loan or credit card bill or EMI can spoil your entire budget
Invest in saving money according to your ability to raise your risk,
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