How To Close Credit For Stop Transaction

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How To Close Credit For Stop Transaction:- Using Credit Card at the present time is a common practice. Some people keep more than one credit card.

Having more than one Credit Card is not huge, but when it comes to their billing system, it is very important to remember that, when the credit card bill date has arrived.

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There Could Be Various Reasons For Clossing Credit Card For Stop Transactions Like:-

  • There is more than one Credit Card, which is inconvenient to manage.
  • To impose a large amount of penalty on the non-payment of a bill by the bank at the right time, in that case, the credit card of that bank should be closed.
  • Charge the bank more interest on the Credit Card.
  • When Credit Card was issued, then the interest rate was low but later did more.
  • When Credit Card Issue was done, then you are not charged by any type of fee, but after some time Credit Card Fee is also being levied, which is not collected in any other bank.
  • End of requirement of Credit Card
  • Not happy with the service of the bank
  • Due to being a Credit Card, we can not control ourselves and spend more, in that situation, our budget is disturbed.
  • These can be all the reasons, to close the credit card.

Now the biggest question that arises in us is that what is to be done to close the Credit Card, it has been explained in detail below.

Who to contact with to close the Credit Card?

To withdraw Credit Card, you do not need to go to Bank, the number of Customer Care is kept in the back of your card and you just have to call one on that number. No Amount Charge is made from you on this number because it is a Toll Free Number.

When you call Customer Care, they refuse to close Credit Card by giving you many temptations because they have this direction that the customer should not break into any condition. Customer Care will ask you to reduce your interest, etc. If you have to close the card then do not get it in greed. The rest depends on your desire.

If you are sure that you have to close your credit card then Customer Care will tell you about your old Due and you have to clear it.

Clear Credit Card Due

If you have any outstanding bill of any kind then you have to clear it, otherwise your credit card will not be closed and should not be done, otherwise you may have to face major troubles before going ahead.

You can also clear the online Due of your card. These lines will work when your Amount is small, in that case you will easily clear your Due at once, but the problem comes when your Amount is very large, in that case you will get that amount To pay, you have to clear the Due by using the Weekly Base or Monthly Base line.

When you clear your Due on the Monthly Base, interest is also charged to you, and when you make Final Payment, you receive all types of Fees and Charges. Keep the receipt of all the payments you make. All these receipt will work as a proof, which will show that you no longer have any dues left.

When all the dues have become clear

When you pay all the dues, you have to call Customer Service again. You now have to make a request to close your Credit Card. Put the name of the day you have requested to close the credit card, the date, time of the day, and the name of the customer care officer who filed your request, keep a note for yourself. You will also be provided with your Request Confirmation Number by the Customer Care Officer, writing it in the note you made. These notes will come in handy when you have some kind of correspondence in the future.

Sought Confirmation of Close Credit Card

If you want to ensure that your credit card is closed or not, you can also ask for a confirmation from the Credit Card Company. For this, you will have to send a copy of the Credit Card Company by Post, a copy of your Note (this is the same note you had given to the Customer Care Officer when talking.)

Confirmation Receive for Credit Card Close

After a few days you will receive a confirmation from the Credit Card Company, in which it will be clarified that your credit card has been closed. When you receive this confirmation latter, you deduct your credit card in very small pieces, when it is done, your card will be completely closed.

In this way, if we go in the right way, without facing any problems, we can easily close our Credit Card very easily.
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