34 Better Ways To Keep You Nose And Throat Safe

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1. Clear your nose regularly

Cotton buds and salt water are easy to clean and wash your nostrils.

2. Maintain a good level of moisture

Dry air can burn in the nostrils. Doctors recommends humidifier to maintain good levels of room humidity.

3. Avoid Dusty Rooms

Dirt can be susceptible to allergy and itching in the nose.

4. Avoid cigarette smoke

According to the website www.healthguidance.org, exposure to cigarettes can lead to mucus in the respiratory channel.

5. Do not tie your nose

If you feel uncomfortable with the hair of your nose, then do not sink it, but trim it by using a pair of scissors.

6. Do not allow any foreign item to be in your nostril

It can scratch and blow the nasal surface, which can lead to infection.

7. Avoid nasal surgery

Get nose surgery only if you really need it.

8. Use nasal spray

Reduce the nostril crowd by using nasal spray.

9. Avoid Allergies

Allergy can cause uncomfortable symptoms like an uncomfortable nose or nose crowd, so it is important to know your allergies to avoid them.

10. Avoid Carpets

While carpeting can make a room comfortable and comfortable, they often trap dust or pet hair, which can cause allergies.

11. Eat antihistamine

Take antihistamine in the proper dose if you become swollen with sinusitis, which causes the nasal runny or nostalgia.

12. Avoid contact with people who have influenza

As much as possible every day, limit your contact with people who are infected with influenza.

13. Wash your hands

Do not rubbish your nose with a dirty hand because it can cause germs, bacteria, and viruses to transmit in your body.

14. Take care of your nose while flying

You can use irrigation or mucus removal equipment to protect your nose from being infected with bacteria contained in dry air in the airplane.

15. Limit the use of decongestant spray

Although the decongestant spray can clean the nostril crowd, it can cause dependency according to www.entnet.org and lead to more serious health problems.

16. Limit the use of earphones

Richard M. A professor of autolingology at Rosenfeld, MD, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York advised people to limit the use of earphones to prevent hearing problems.

17. Avoid being too close to a speaker

While attending a party or concert, do not stay very close to the speakers.

18. Clean the outer parts of your ears only

The wax in our ears is to protect the ears, so when you clean your ear canals it is not very deep.

19. Do not plug the ear in swimming

Dr. Richard also advised people not to use ear plugs while swimming, as this could cause ear tissue problems.

20. Apply sunblock

To stop the burn from Sunburn, John T. Hopkins University's MD Elizabeth Tangji advised to put Sunblock if we had to go out.

21. Piercing only the lobe

Infections can cause infection in other areas other than ear lobe.

22. Take good care of your earrings

To prevent infection, use cotton soaked in alcohol to clean your earrings.

23. When you are in the airplane, do this

Chewing, yawning or ingesting when your plane is landing, because landing can cause different pressures between the air inside and outside the ear, causing a problem called barotitis.

24. Use Earplugs

Use earplugs or earphones if you work in a high noise spot.

25. Keep your ears dry

After bathing or swimming, dry your wet ears with a clean towel.

26. When you bike or do some exercise like this, you wear helmets.

According to Us, falling as you ride or exercising can cause a shaking on the ear.

27. Do not let any foreign objects in your ears canals

Even if your ear is itching, do not scratch it with any foreign item because it will endanger the ear hose.

28. Contact your doctor if you have pain in ear

If you feel the pain in ear or hearing, immediately consult your doctor.

29. Put it down

When you watch a movie or listen to music, keep the volume down, say www.clevelandclinic.org.

30. Always consume your medicine with the appropriate dose.

By taking medicines with proper dose, there may be infection and ear health problems.

31. Take only the right medicines to cure your throat

Website WebMD advises the use of acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen to reduce sore throat.

32. Avoid Allergy

Dry throat is a symptom of allergic to dust, pet hair, or pollen.

33. Avoid highly polluted areas.

Air pollution can cause cough and sore throat. Use a mask to avoid dust and dust and smog emitted by motor vehicles and factories.

34. Eat honey

According to the health line, honey bacteria
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