Government, Semi-Government And Retired Government Employees Will Pay Salarie.

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Government, Semi-Government And Retired Government Employees Will Pay Salarie.
The government has taken a decision to quickly pay the government employees to the seventh pay commission. Government employees, retired employees and semi government employees also get the benefits of the seventh pay commission. As such, their pay is increased by 17%.

The news of the joy for these employees is that this increase will be given from 2016 to January 1, 2016. Arrears of this salary will be given in February 2019. The government's decision is that 25 lakh employees will be benefited. However, this report has been sent to the government for approval. It will be implemented after approval of cabinet.
The special reason for not getting special permission will be given by the government. It is to note that the government's treasury is not burdened with excessive burden and the interest of the employees is taken care of. As a result, the government's development works have not been affected by the Zaji effect, it has been clarified in the report.
The state government-semi-official and retired employee who has been looking at the government for the last one year is happy news. The Bakshi Committee submitted the report to the employees for the seventh wage tribunal submitted to the state government on Wednesday.

In the report presented by Bakshi Committee, an additional recommendation of 17% has been made to the employees. This increase will be effective from January 1, 2016. Employees will receive 25 lakh employees and retired employees. In February 2019, the wage increases staff.

The seventh wage commission has been implemented from 1st January, 2016 to the Central Government employees. The state government officials and staff association demanded that the recommendation of the Commission be applied to state government-semi-official and retired employees from the same date. Accordingly, the state government will be burdened with the seventh wage commission on the state, to study whether the former IPS officer P. Under the chairmanship of Baki, the Wage Improvement Study Committee was established. Various employee organizations presented their demands before the committee. The Bakshi committee has submitted its report and submitted it to the government.

This report provides detailed information on employees' salary, allowances. In the second phase of the report, the committee will submit its report in three months regarding the administrative reforms and the dispute in some wages category of employees. If the report of the committee has been received by the government, it will be kept against the cabinet. After the approval of the cabinet, the implementation of the report will start. The increase will be given in the wages deposited in the month of January, a senior official said. If the report is implemented, the expenditure on the government treasury will increase by 14-15% and the total burden will be 16 thousand crores. Currently, 90 to 92 crores are spent.
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